Is your electric bill over $200? 

It's time to seriously consider putting solar on your roof. 

In 2018, utility companies in CA raised their rates considerably, as much as 80% for residential homeowners. Next year, utility companies in California are expected to introduce more changes that will ultimately raise your rates once again. 

How do I stop the bleeding? 

Currently, there is no better way to wipe away your electric bill than putting solar on your roof. Click below to see if your home qualifies

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Our electric bill was $380/month before solar... 

In 2008, Robin and Harley Frank were paying roughly  $380/month in electric costs with SoCal Edison. Fed up with rising electricity rates and expensive tiers, they decided to invest in Solar. Their results will amaze you 

Should I 

Go Solar?


5 Tips & Facts

For CA Homeowners

#1  You want to make sure you are paying at least  $130 per month in electrical utilities. 

WHY? Solar is most valuable for homeowners paying  an excess of $130/month. The more electricity you use, the more value your Solar system brings. Chances are that your home’s washing machine, AC, TV and other home appliances put you way over that threshold. If you ARE paying at least $130 per month, then you definitely may want to consider solar as an option.

#2  2018 marked the biggest electrical rate hike in CA History and it's only gonna' get worse.

Utility companies such as PG&E and SoCal Edison, boosted rates by as much as 80% for residential customers in 2018. Yes, 80%! One of the only ways to protect yourself from rising utility rates,i s to produce your own energy. 

#3  Your property value will increase and you won't have to pay any additional property taxes

For example, in a state like California, installing 5kW of solar panels adds an average of $29,500 to the retail value of a medium-sized home.  Based on studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

#4  Solar has 300% - 400% ROI 

If you installed a standard 5Kw Solar System 5 years ago, your total energy savings up until today would have amounted to $11,000. Over its entire lifespan, that same system will have generated about $60,000 worth of electricity

Estimate based on average electrical usage rates of .20 cents/kW hour multiplied by the total kW generated by a 5kW AC Solar system with a total lifespan of 30 years

#5  Not every home qualifies for Solar; consult with a professional. 

Variables like roof space and shading can definitely play a part in your home being qualified. To see if your home qualifies, please fill out this Online Solar Qualification Form.

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